Video Credits

College of Education Faculty
Gail Boldt, Associate Professor -- Executive Producer
Karen Eppley, Assistant Professor -- Associate Producer
Orrin Murray, Assistant Professor -- Associate Producer
James Nolan, Professor -- Associate Producer
Carla Zembal-Saul, Professor -- Associate Producer

Jennifer Cody, Park Forest Elementary School
Elizabeth Cullin, Park Forest Elementary School
Julie Danna, Centre Learning Community Charter School
Donna Fischer, Centre Learning Community Charter School
Kelly Kennedy, Centre Learning Community Charter School
Judy Kur, Radio Park Elementary School
Kelly Parks, Radio Park Elementary School
Brian Rowan, Centre Learning Community Charter School
Donnan Stoicovy, Principal, Park Forest Elementary School
Jennifer Tranell, Panorama Village Elementary School

Production Staff

Ashley Sims - Producer
Betsy Hutton - Director
Kim Winck -- Editor
Elizabeth Park -- Narration
Patrick Redmond -- Videographer
Tom Cherry -- Videographer
Brandon Fultz -- Sound Engineer
Rick Humber -- Sound Engineer
Clint Yoder -- Sound Engineer
Chris Younken -- Sound Engineer
Post-Production Support -- Information Technology Services
Keystone Transcription -- Audio Transcription
Nathan Morton -- Closed Captioning 

Brad Kozlek -- Web Design

Funding Support

Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence
The Penn State College of Education
Dean David Monk
Associate Dean Kyle Peck
Associate Dean Jacqueline Stefkovich
Curriculum and Instruction Department Head Greg Kelly
Professor James Nolan
Professor Carla Zembal-Saul
Assistant Professor Orrin Murray

Thanks to State College Area School District Superintendent Richard Mextorf.

Special thanks to the students of Centre Learning Community Charter School, Panorama Elementary School, Park Forest Elementary School, Radio Park Elementary School, and Radio Park Elementary School.